Science Investigations

Science Investigations

Our class loves Science Experiments!

We have been busy all year exploring the world around us!

  • Investigating Colour Through a Chromatography Experiment
  • Making Jelly Pumpkins and Chocolate Christmas Puddings
  • Water Divining on our school grounds
  • Examining plant and animal wildlife in our school ( earthworms, grass, weeds)
  • Nature walk to Newpark Fen
  • Creating circuits to make lightbulbs light up and make mini windmills
  • Exploring gravity with magnets
  • Ongoing Biodiversity Workshops and Lessons
  • Planting acorns, herbs and vegetables
  • Examining reptiles up close ( Courtesy of The Reptile Zoo)
  • Making Butter from scratch
  • Planting apple trees
  • Investigating light
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